The Foods the U.S. Government is Paying You to Eat

In 2009, the US government made a decision to help farmers by paying them a subsidy of $12.3 billion so that they may grow more food. Seven years down the road and there is surely plenty of food in the US, but there is so much criticism associated with the federal farm programs as well. Some critics say the program has increased the source of calories in people’s diets causing health problems and high medical bills. Others complain that fewer vegetables are being grown. While some observers say, the government unfairly distributes the subsidies only favoring mega farms leaving out smaller farms which small farms usually produce healthy, unadulterated food. Right or wrong, here are the foods the US government is paying you to eat.


The whole of America eats corn. Be it the chicken, cows, sheep, pigs and even fish. The animals consume it through the 10% of all corn grown in the country which is turned into pellets to feed animals, while humans eat it through almost every processed food in the country. In America, corn occupies more than 80 million acres of farmland, it is the most eaten food in the US, and this is because the government pays farmers a subsidy so that lots of maize can be grown. Corn makes foods such as noodles, ketchup, soda, salad dressing, beer, cookies, chips and much more.


Every five years, the US government pays $24.3 billion in subsidies for soybean alone. Immediately after the farmer’s subsidy was approved, farmers filled 63 million acres of land with wheat, making it the second most grown crop in the US. Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska and Minnesota alone grow half of all the wheat produced in the country. It is evident that every American home has a grain product in their home. Wheat products include your daily morning cereal, whole bread, biscuits, etc.


America is the largest producer of soybean in the World. 75% of soybean globally comes from America.


Cooking oil, butter, Skin care ingredients, cattle food and more are the primary uses of sunflower, and that’s why American sunflower farmers didn’t miss out on the list of subsidized farmers.


The US government pays you to eat rice in the form of Porridge, rice milk, rice fermented alcoholic beverages, rice cake flour, rice crackers and so much more. 3.1 million acres of land in the US are rice irrigated farm lands.


According to the national cattlemen’s beef association, there are 619,172 farms and ranches tending cattle and producing meat. But in 2009 just before the government announced a beef subsidy, The National Cancer Institute released a report that said that 11 percent of meat-eating related diseases such as cancer and heart disease could be reduced by 16% in women and 11% in men if meat consumption is reduced. Consider metabolic cooking review as an alternative healthy diet choice.


By the close of last year, America had produced 250,000 billion pounds of milk. This tells you that so much milk is flowing in the US that some of it lack the market. This is all due to the 2009 farmer’s subsidy.

Peanut butter

Last year the government announced that farmers would produce 6.1 billion pounds by the end of fall. We began the year with a 3.2 billion-pound stockpile of peanuts, and the problem now is how farmers will find a market to remove the stock that is still available. If they fail the get market, farmers who got loans will face it rough, and the government will have also lost investment.


Although beer creates many health problems, it is probably one of America’s most loved drinks and does the US economy so much good. According to the National Beer Wholesalers Association, beer pumps $253 billion into the economic activity, creates 1.75 million jobs and provides $48.5 billion tax revenue. Because of such statistics, beer made it to the list of the top nine foods the US government pays you to eat.


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