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custom-couches-san-francisco Custom Couches San Francisco

Custom Couches San Francisco – If your are searching for a new sofa for the living room or rec room that’s comfortable and very roomy, then check out a bean bag sofa. These seats are excellent for relaxing while watching a film or your favorite TV show.

Back then they were full of Styrofoam beads. Initially these beads were very comfy but as time passed the Styrofoam would start to break down along with the sofa would flatten out making it totally uncomfortable to sit down in.

But today manufacturers have better material such as polyurethane foam. This is a shredded memory foam that’s used in the bean bag sofas and it’s filled to fit. Since the sofa is full of memory foam the user has complete comfort, since it will conform to the form of the individual’s body because they lounge on it. When the individual gets up the sofa will spring back to it’s original form.

These sofas come in a many lengths. You are able to get a sofa in 6ft, 7ft or 8ft lengths. These seats are made so that more than one person can relax on it, hence making it a great piece of furniture for any room in the home. Besides being a great comfy chair it may also be used as a bed in a guest room or additional bedroom. Your guest will marvel at the comfort that piece of furniture has to offer.

Compared to a regular sofa you can purchase a bean bag sofa at a fraction of the price, and when you think that it will have the exact same high caliber as a regular sofa in your home. Buying a sofa like this might be the best investment you have made in a long time.

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